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Matthew Dowling

Live boldly, be creative, and make use of whatever tools you’ve been given

As a toddler, Matthew Dowling once used the basket from a deep fryer to take up a church collection from his family. That faded memory from days gone by is symbolic of Matt’s outlook on life: to live boldly, be creative, and make use of whatever tools you’ve been given.

Matthew has always been an eclectic (and occasionally slightly eccentric!) old soul trapped in a young man’s body. If you ask him, he’ll just tell you he’s just a proponent of being yourself, and being the best self that you can be. He’s applied the wisdom he’s collected to become a successful non-profit executive, small business owner, and community activist, who was recognized by his county’s Chamber of Commerce as its most influential young citizen. His outlook on success in business— and in life— has been shaped by his family, friends, and mentors, along with a healthy dose of philosophy, music, and old movies.

Matt’s humor, originality, and can-do attitude make him an unforgettable speaker who leaves audiences armed with practical advice, and inspires them to look within themselves to find the enthusiasm and confidence to implement that advice.

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