“Together we are making a positive difference for
Fayette and Somerset Counties and Pennsylvania.”

(UNIONTOWN, PA) – State Representative Matt Dowling (R-51) announced today that he will be running for re-election in the 51st House District.

“As a Representative, I have put aside partisan politics and worked with people across our community to focus on issues that matter to our families, our seniors and our children,” Dowling said. “Together we are making a positive difference for Fayette and Somerset Counties and Pennsylvania. With the support of local residents, we can keep moving forward because there is more to be done.”

Since his election, Dowling has worked hard to keep his promises, chief among them to bring common sense to the state capital when looking at issues, rather than a partisan lens.

“I approach every issue with a simple goal: do what is right for the people I serve and focus on achieving results,” Dowling said in explaining his legislative philosophy.

Rather than focus on a single issue, Dowling has amassed a legislative portfolio that addresses the numerous issues important to our community – from supporting policies that spark economic and job growth, pushing for a quality education for all our children, addressing the opioid epidemic, protecting our Constitutional Rights, or simply making sure our communities get back their fair share.

“I have been a consistent voice to control spending, hold the line on taxes and ensure sensible and predictable regulation while still freeing the private sector to do what it does best,” Dowling stated. “The result is a booming economy that is bringing new jobs to our area and allowing greater investment in education, public services and the state’s Rainy Day Fund.”

A native of the 51st District, Dowling has put special effort into combatting the opioid epidemic that has swept across the state.

“I am proud that – working in a bipartisan manner – we have moved forward a commonsense package of legislation to address the opioid epidemic,” Dowling stated. “We are taking a comprehensive approach that focuses on treatment for those trapped in addiction, tough penalties for drug dealers, and public education on the factors that drive addiction to help stop it before it starts.”

Dowling also continues to work on helping move people from dependence on government programs to financial independence, as well as ensuring that those who truly need help get it.

Dowling also continues to support legislation he authored – which passed the House and Senate in 2019 only to be vetoed by Governor Wolf – that would help promote work and community engagement among non-elderly, non-pregnant adult beneficiaries of Medical Assistance who are eligible on a basis other than disability.

“I believe strongly in helping move people from dependence on government programs to financial independence, as well as ensuring that those who truly need help get it. This legislation does just that and will also help to eliminate fraud in the system so the program can help the truly worthy,” Dowling explained.

Dowling has also become known as one of the Harrisburg’s most vocal defenders of our Constitutional Rights, especially the 2ndAmendment.

“Every time the liberal special interests have attacked our Right to keep and bear arms, I have stood against them,” Dowling explained. “From voting against radical intrusions on the 2nd Amendment, to hosting Concealed Carry forums across the 51stDistrict, I continue to defend the rights guaranteed to Pennsylvania’s citizens and always will.”

In addition to his efforts on legislations, Dowling has helped secure important grant money for Fayette and Somerset County communities to fund important infrastructure and public safety needs as well as economic growth programs.

“Securing grants for local needs is a way to make sure that Fayette and Somerset County taxpayers are seeing a tangible benefit for the taxes they pay the state. Without these grants, local municipalities and organizations would either have to forego important projects or local homeowners would have to pick up the cost through higher property taxes,” Dowling explained.

Dowling has also focused on ensuring strong constituent services and being actively involved in the community; he and his staff have helped thousands of local residents address their issues with state government, and he has attended countless meetings with local residents, groups, charities and more.

“Taking the time to listen to residents is the best way I know to truly ‘represent’ them in Harrisburg,” Dowling stated. “Helping and meeting the people I serve is the most satisfying part of my job, and it is something that I make a top priority.”

Raised and educated in the 51st District, Dowling brings to the legislature experience as a successful small business owner and active community volunteer. He previously served as a Rotary District Governor for the seven-county region and with his wife, Rebecca, helped establish Share the Spirit – an annual event that raises money for area non-profit organizations.  He and Rebecca live in Uniontown with their two young sons, W. Pierce and Preston.

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