Matthew Dowling

The Truth

Mahoney’s false claims about Dowling’s connection with Funeral Home: 

Mahoney is attempting to tie Matt Dowling to disgraced funeral director Stephen Kezmarsky and the court issues currently related to the Kezmarsky Funeral Home. The following information is provided as factual evidence that their attempts are not only unfounded, but patently false.

  • From approximately 2002-2007, ages 17 to 22, Matthew Dowling worked as a part-time, seasonal or occasional employee of Kezmarsky Funeral Home. His duties included parking cars, cleaning, and light maintenance on the building and property.
  • Mr. Dowling’s business – Coordinated 360 – was later hired as an outside vendor of
    Kezmarsky Funeral Home. Services provided by Coordinated 360 included:

    • Production of memorial DVD’s
    • Printing of prayer cards
    • Other miscellaneous printing and design work
    • Rental of audio-visual equipment to the funeral home as needed for funeral
  • For three consecutive years, Coordinated 360 was also paid as an outside vendor to coordinate a holiday memorial service at the funeral home. As part of this service, Coordinated 360 provided audio-visual services and booked music for the events.
  • Records show that Mr. Kezmarsky filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Courts in 2013, the bankruptcy was converted to a Chapter 14 in 2014, Chapter 11 in 2015, and subsequently, Chapter 7 in 2016. In 2016, two separate items occurred involving Mr. Dowling.
  • First: Coordinated 360 was hired to provide “business services” in which they wired, setup and installed business accounting software (QuickBooks) on computers in the facility. Further, Coordinated 360 digitized past and current bank statements into QuickBooks. Daily oversight and maintenance of the funeral home accounting was performed by the funeral home staff.
  • Second: MD Holdings – an LLC comprised of several investors, including David and Darla Dowling, and Karen and Tim Miscovish, with the assistance of Matthew Dowling – made an offer to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to purchase the assets of Kezmarsky Funeral Home. If successful, Mr. Dowling would have been involved in the new business as General Manager and his wife as Business Manager (a fact included in the business plan provided to potential investors.) Ultimately, this offer was not successful and another bidder was awarded the property. At no time during his occasional employment or business services provided to the funeral home was Mr. Dowling responsible for management duties or fiduciary duties.
  • Even those services that had some connection to finance would not have provided
    information to unearth Mr. Kezmarsky’s alleged crimes. In fact, the Trustee appointed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court – whose duty it was to review financial reports of the funeral home during bankruptcy proceedings – was not aware of Kezmarsky’s misdeeds. Mr. Dowling’s own family has been affected by Mr. Kezmarsky’s misdeeds.
  • After the bankruptcy, Kezmarsky began working with anther funeral home in Uniontown. Mr. Dowling’s grandmother was buried from that funeral home. At that time, Mr. Kezmarsky presented an invoice for funeral services to the Dowling family, then submitted documents to the insurance company for an amount greater than the invoice presented to the Dowling family.
  • The Dowling family has filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General regarding this issue.
  • See court documents (PDF previously sent to Media)
  • Complaint filed by Dowling Family with the Attorney General


Mahoney asked for Pardon of Doctor connected to running pill mill: 

Tim Mahoney sought a presidential pardon, in 2009, for a pill mill operator who contributed to his campaign. In May 1996, the doctor, then a cardiologist, was sentenced to 10 years and one month in federal prison for writing illegal narcotic prescriptions and taking kickbacks to fund extramarital affairs. He used his official office to request a presidential pardon for a doctor convicted of running a pill mill and defrauding Medicare and Medicaid. The doctor was a contributor to Mahoney’s campaign (see: PA Campaign Finance Reports, 2009 & 2011) – and then the doctor went on to be convicted a second time in 2017 for illegally selling pills!


Mahoney testified in court to release a convicted drug dealer back on our streets:

Tim Mahoney stood up in court and testified to let a convicted drug dealer back on our streets while he was being tried for a gun crime. Then, the same man was charged in 2017 with operating a dog fighting ring where 3 dogs were found dead on the property, and 29 dogs were rescued by police. All of them had been tied down with heavy chains and were either starving or in poor condition.


14 Times Mahoney voted with Governor Wolf on tax increases: 

On June 30, 2015 Governor Wolf vetoed the budget passed by the house and senate. Proposals were made to increase spending and generate revenue from new taxes. The House Republicans made motions to override the Governor’s veto message, putting a stop to his tax and spend agenda. Fourteen times Tim Mahoney voted to uphold the Governor’s Veto, prolonging the budget standoff, and furthering the Governor’s tax and spend agenda. Mahoney claims these are lies, but the roll call votes below prove otherwise:


Mahoney voted against protecting American Jobs and with Illegal Aliens: 

HB439 of 2011 was an act prohibiting certain licensees from knowingly employing illegal aliens; and imposing sanctions. The roll call vote below show Mahoney voted NO:


Mahoney Claims Dowling takes per diems rather than actual expenses: 

Unlike Dowling’s predecessor, he does not take the $179 per diem for travel days outside the district. Dowling uses the more accountable actual expense model of reimbursement, which comes to far less. The sponsored ad Tim Mahoney’s campaign has put on Facebook is of a screenshot from Ballotpedia, which is a nonpartisan online political encyclopedia. Founded in 2007, it covers American federal, state, and local politics, elections, and public policy. Ballotpedia, while a great resource, has user generated data much like Wikipedia and is not always correct.