Matthew Dowling  |  Issues


ourteamMatt Dowling will bring to Harrisburg a mix of professional and personal experience that will let him make a positive difference on the issues that matter most to our community.

Spark Economic and New Job Growth

by using his real-world experience as an entrepreneur and job creator to make Pennsylvania more competitive in the fight to attract and retain employers and jobs. Matt also supports job training for displaced workers that gets them the skills employers want.

Put Taxpayers First

by opposing Governor Wolf’s broad-based tax increases and making sure the state spends only what it has – because we can’t afford to pay more.

Strengthen Education

by working for fair funding as well as a renewed focus on real-world skills, greater local control and choice, and an end to overuse of standardized tests.

Reform Harrisburg

by supporting vital public pension reform, working to return to a part-time legislature, and ending the costly per diem system while personally refusing them.

Preserve Our Conservative Values

by standing up to the liberals in Harrisburg who would threaten the 2nd Amendment, and by supporting organizations dedicated to protecting life and promoting adoption services.